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Direct manufacturers of edible fungi, animal feed corn cob particle 3~8mm

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** Product Outline (features, specification, variety, use, certification) **

Corn cob meal parameters

1.Appearance:the appearance of fresh, clean, dry, no insects, no mold, no smell.

2. Particle size :<2mm  10%-20%

      2-4mm 35%-55%

      4-6mm 30-50%

      >6mm <3%

3.Moisture content: 15%

4.PH value:4.7-7.6

5.Impurities:no harmful impurities impurities and other impurities below 3%.

** Country of Origin **


China's Liaoning Anshan


** Port of Loading **


Dalian port in CHINA


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** Production/Delivery Capability (incl. production equipment) **


Within 2 weeks


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Direct manufacturers of edible fungi_ animal feed corn cob particle 3_8mm